5 Best Ways To Prepare Your Wardrobe For The Upcoming Week

5 Best Ways To Prepare Your Wardrobe For The Upcoming Week
  • 1. Set aside a day to prepare for the week ahead. Wash, iron, and be sure that you have all of your needed items back from the cleaners.  
  • 2. Check the weather for the week ahead. (a) Use a weather app, (b) if you don’t want to use a weather app, you may use www.weather.com, (c) an even easier way is to go to your search engine, type: weather in Jackson, MS (for example)! 
  • 3. Put together your outfits based on the week ahead. Consider any meetings, dinners, children’s activities, after work activities, and don’t forget about the weather! Also, don’t forget your workout clothes! 
  • 4. Put together your shoes and accessories for the outfits you have chosen. Accessories include jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. Bonus Tip: You may place the accessories for each day in a storage bag, then place a small hole in the bag and hang on the hanger along with the selected outfit for that particular day. For all of those true fashionistas, don’t forget to coordinate your matching handbags. 
  • 5. Place the chosen outfits together in a section of your closet! Bonus Tip: Prepare an extra outfit just in case of an emergency or an unexpected event!  

  • How do you prepare for the upcoming week? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

    This article was originally written by me on April 1, 2016. 

    (I have rights to the image.)

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