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Angels and Light

Angels and Light

Obviously the pic is reflecting light. Even though I’m well aware of what can be seen in the pic, I still view the pic differently. 

To me, those multiple light reflections are angels. Even when I’m physically at home by myself or in my car by myself, I always feel as if there is a warm and positive energy surrounding me. 

We must be careful of the energy that surrounds us.

Over the past year, I’ve learned and have been forced to be more mindful of the type of energy that I’m surrounded by. It’s amazing as to how something that is so minor, makes such a major impact. 

I hear people say and even post on social media “protect your peace.” I’ve learned that you really do have to protect your peace

Some may see angels in the pic and others may just see light. However you view the pic, it’s REAL either way. 

Pic was taken with an iPhone by Valeria Cotten in Gulfport, Mississippi. 

#travel #mypinkleopard 

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