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Blow Away Your Troubles With Bubbles

Blow Away Your Troubles With Bubbles

A special thank you to The Heavenly Touch Professional Services (Tamarah Mack for the custom bubbles!

Blow Away Your Troubles With Bubbles

It would be nice if we could just blow away all of our troubles with bubbles. Well, life isn’t exactly set up like that. But, if something is troubling us, we must take a moment and appreciate the small things in life. Things will trouble us (if we allow it) and people will trouble us also (if we allow them to).

Sometimes, you can be in a “happy place” in life and someone is just waiting to “burst your bubble”. It’s okay if they do, because you have a ton of more bubbles waiting to be blown.

I’ve learned that troubles do come and go. I’ve also learned that a lot of troubles come because sometimes we want to “help everyone” and we take on someone else’s troubles while trying to help. So it’s not always that trouble is trying to find us. Sometimes we unknowingly go looking for trouble.

So, in the future, if something should ever “trouble you”, just physically blow away your troubles with bubbles. Then, with the same breath and effort that you physically blew those bubbles, MENTALLY do the same thing.

Release those troubles physically (with the bubbles) and mentally (with your thoughts).

I am Denise Donald, writer of this article.

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  • Katrina Williams

    I loved this short, sweet, and definitely strategic article. Troubles are just that easy (the ones we pick up), blow them away. I am now and will continue to mentally and physically release others’ troubles. I think I’ll go get me some bubbles!

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