Box Thoughts… Are You an Outie or an Innie?

Box Thoughts… Are You an Outie or an Innie?

On Saturday, December 10, 2022, Growing and Glowing Together held a workshop in Jackson, Mississippi. The title was “Box Thoughts.. .Are You An Outie or an Innie?”

Sometimes we think outside of the box and sometimes we keep those life changing thoughts inside of the box. Where are your thoughts being kept? Outside (outie) or inside (innie) the box? This was a classroom style workshop.

During the workshop, Tamarah Mack (Owner of The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC) helped us realize what thoughts are holding us back from fulfilling our goals and desires. We left with the 🛠TOOLS🧰 we need to turn our positive thoughts into action so we can grow and glow together!

It was an amazing workshop. The ladies in attendance shared their knowledge with us on things that will also help us to grow and glow. If you missed this one, stay tuned for the next one!

PINK Leopard ( is a ladies’ fashion accessories boutique and a lifestyle brand that was established in 2013. We believe women should be confident in who they are. We believe confidence begins on the inside and radiates outward. We believe that meditation, positive thinking, self-esteem, goals, and performing good deeds all play a major role in developing, growing or maintaining self-confidence. “Growing and Glowing Together” is an extension of PINK Leopard that was established (May 2019) to guide women (through seminars, community service, and other events) in developing, growing or maintaining their self-confidence by showing them how to grow and glow in areas of their life that are sometimes neglected. “Growing and Glowing Together” is our social purpose.
We are so excited to collaborate with The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC (Tamarah Mack, Owner)! (
PINK Leopard, it’s a lifestyle!
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