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Friday Vibes

Friday Vibes

Friday Vibes! What is so magical about Friday? What makes us feel so good and get some of us so pumped up about Friday?

This photo was taken on Friday, January 11, 2019. Yes, I was feeling those “Friday Vibes”, then I thought, “Friday isn’t my favorite day of the week.” So what makes some people so pumped about Friday?

Could it be that it’s the start of the weekend? Could it be that it’s the start of some people’s work weekend? While some of us are off on the weekends, there are some people who only work on the weekends!

Could it be that certain endorphins are only released on a Friday? (I’m just guessing y’all!) 

When you figure out what makes Friday so special and so magical to some people, please let us all know! 

Then there is next Friday and Friday after next! 😜

#mypinkleopard #fridayvibes #friday 


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