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How To Have A DIY Spa Day

How To Have A DIY Spa Day

A spa day right about now would be perfect! Even though we are “staying home” (besides essential work and travel), “washing our hands”, and “practicing social distancing”, that doesn’t mean that we can’t pamper ourselves! 

Here are four easy ways to have a diy spa day. 

1. Fill the room with the scent of a spa! You may do this by burning a candle or spraying the room with air freshner. I recently purchased the “Spa Day” and “Lavender” room sprays from Country Scents Candles - or

  • 2.
    Soak in your tub or take a long warm shower. 

  • 3. After soaking or taking a shower, then apply a moisturizing lotion to your entire body. 

    4. After you’ve done 1, 2, and 3, then sit on your couch for about 30 minutes and read a magazine or start reading a book (no social media, you should be relaxing). Or take a 30 minute nap. Just allow time for your body to rest and reset. 

    What are some of your tips for a diy at home spa day? Feel free to let me know! 

    Stay Safe! Wash Your Hands! Practice Social Distancing!

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