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Love Happy

Love Happy

On November 16, 2019, I attended Coach GiGi Gates’ “Strive To Stride Empowerment” Event. Her empowerment events are always awesome! Oh, and the food is ALWAYS delicious! I won the journal in the picture as a door prize. Winning the journal was super exciting because when I saw all of the door prizes, I told Tamarah Mack of The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC, that I wanted that journal! My ticket was randomly drawn and I won the journal! 🙌🏾 

As soon as Coach GiGi handed me the journal, Tamarah Mack took it away and stated “Let me put your name on it for you.” Never did I imagine that it would turn out as gorgeous as it did! 

❤️Valentine’s Day is approaching. Getting a customized gift for a coworker, your child’s teacher, or a friend, is a great gift! 

Tamarah Mack of The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC, specializes in customizing items! Check out some of the fantastic things she has done! Click the link! ➡️ 

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  • Tamarah

    Thank you Denise for your support! I truly appreciate it! It was so funny because you claimed that journal- it was so exciting when your number was called!

  • Sylvia Thomas

    This is simply beautiful support. I have a few journals that I might want to get personalized. I will hit up Ms. Mack.

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