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Play The Part

Play The Part

My niece absolutely adores the cartoon character “Fancy Nancy”. In this pic, she has on her “Fancy Nancy” costume dress. When she puts on that dress, she transforms into “Fancy Nancy”. She really believes that she is Nancy and you cannot tell her any different. 

My niece is obviously a child. Sometimes, even when she’s not wearing the costume, she still thinks that she is Nancy. My niece plays the part, sometimes too well! 

I’ve noticed that sometimes adults will say they are confident, say they are going to move forward with certain goals in life, or even say that they are going to live a more healthy lifestyle. The thing is, some adults just “say” all of those things. They don’t actually play the part. They don’t show their confidence, they never move forward with accomplishing goals, and they don’t move forward with living a healthy lifestyle. 

My niece will say that she is “Fancy Nancy” and then she moves forward with it. She does things that Nancy does. My niece will say those things and then actually do those things. 

Saying and doing are two different things. What are you saying that you are going to do? 

#fancynancy #justdoit 

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  • Ashanti Barnes

    What an empowering post! This speaks directly to me in that I seek to be disciplined in the areas concerning my calling. It is imperative that I am a suitable witness to increase my impact in the kingdom. Thanks for the reflection point.

  • Katrina Williams

    I loved this. I am doing the work! I learned to separate myself from the talkers and became a doer. I learn so much from children. They inspire such creativity. Keep up the great work Denise!

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