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“A Heart of Gold”

“A Heart of Gold” 6

❤️ These beautiful hoops are gold filled! Light and dainty! 

If you are new to wearing earrings, then these are the perfect statement earrings for you. If you have two holes in one ear and you want to take it up a notch, wear these in your first hole and wear a stud in the second hole. This will really amplify your look!

🎁 These also make a great birthday gift, bridal shower gift, a gift for a coworker, or a gift for your sister or daughter.

🎥 📸 Need to spruce up your look before that video chat or virtual meeting? These will work great for that! Wear these earrings, then add a bold lipstick and a smile! You are now instantly READY for your video chat or virtual meeting!

🚗 👜 These earrings will also make a great pair of earrings to place inside the glove compartment of your car or inside your tote bag so that you will always have an extra pair of earrings for those days you may not feel like putting on earrings when you leave the house, but then you get to where you are going and realize that you need to pop something into your earlobes!

Details: 45x40mm (millimeters not inches!). Gold filled. #mypinkleopard #itsalifestyle

“A True Gentleman 2” Door Opener and Button Pusher

“A True Gentleman 2” Door Opener and Button Pusher 7

🙌🏾 He opens the door for you, he keys in your PIN number at the ATM or store for you (don’t worry, he doesn’t want your money), and he presses the elevator button for you. He’s a true gentleman. He does all of this because he doesn’t want you to touch those germs that are waiting for you on the doors, ATM keypad, store keypad, and elevator buttons! I know, I know, I know..... you thought that a true gentleman would NEVER find you. Well guess what, he found YOU! Now it’s up to YOU to take him HOME with you! He really is a true gentleman, you don’t even have to pay for transportation to get him to your house (choose FREE SHIPPING at checkout). Well....... what are you going to do? 🤔

☺️ that he has found you, I just want you to know that he does have some brothers (so feel free to introduce his brothers to your sister, friends, or coworker). 

❤️ He has no hidden motives! He just wants to keep you SAFE! He wants to make your life soooooo much easier! 

GIVE HIM A CHANCE! Add him to your cart so he can get home to you right away. Oh... and you NEVER have to be concerned about his whereabouts. He’s ALWAYS with you (on your keychain)!!! 

YOU and “A True Gentleman”! Name a better duo... (before you answer, think about it, is that duo you are about to name going to keep you safe from those germs out there... hmmmmm).  

He’s waiting for you.... he’s ready to serve you!!! 🙌🏾

❤️He also has you close to his heart! Add YOUR INITIAL (one initial) to the heart charm that is attached. When ordering, add ONE initial in the NOTES. (If you forget, we will email you to see what initial you would like to add). 

➡️ Details: Door opener and button pusher. Also a keychain. Measurements (not including actual keychain: approximately 1.25”x2.75”. Color as shown. The heart charm attached is ALUMINUM and ⅝”. 

***When ordering, add ONE initial in the NOTES. (If you forget, we will email you to see what initial you would like to add).***

#mypinkleopard #itsalifestlye

“The Key To My Heart” Necklace

“The Key To My Heart” Necklace 1

This necklace is dainty and adds that perfect touch to your v-neck blouse or v-neck t-shirt, your scoop neck top, or your off the shoulder top. Have the key added to your necklace or give the key to the person you desire to hold the key to your heart (they may add the key to their keychain, or wherever they choose). 

Add your initial or the initial of a loved one. “Lollipop” font. Size: 4mm. Uppercase. 

Are you new to wearing jewelry? If so, this is a great piece to start with. Are you looking for an “everyday” piece of jewelry? You’ve found it with this one! 

Details: Sterling silver! The charm is on our “Denise” chain. This chain is 16 inches long and diamond cut (cable/box style chain), very dainty and light weight. This chain has a spring ring clasp. This chain is sterling silver. The heart and key is also sterling silver (925 quality silver). The heart measures 14.8x17mm and the key measures 4x15mm. 

This is a beautiful necklace for your collection or a beautiful necklace for a gift to a friend, sister, daughter, or someone who is special in your life. #mypinkleopard #mypinkleopardcustom