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“Queen Bee” Brooch

“Queen Bee” Brooch 0

We spotted @1_beautifro_goddess on Instagram, wearing the “Queen Bee” Brooch! #getspotted 

🐝Brooches are timeless and elegant! Pin it on your blazer. Pin it on your denim jacket. Pin it on your camouflage jacket. Pin it on your long strand pearl necklace. Don’t let this beauty pass you by!

Details: crystal and rhinestone, 🐝bee is 2.45 inches wide.

This 🐝bee wants to be added to your cart!🛒

#mypinkleopard #pinkleopard

“LaLa the Leopard” Kimono

“LaLa the Leopard” Kimono 0

🐆”LaLa the Leopard” kimono is ready for you to take home! Pair her with a white tank top and white jeans (tan or nude heels or sandals), don’t forget your accessories! Pair her with a fitted black dress! Pair her with a turquoise cami and turquoise capris or shorts! Take LaLa with you on your adventures this summer! ✈️

Details: One size. 100% polyester. Color as shown. 

#kimono #mypinkleopard #pinkleopard

Wherever You Are, Enjoy Life!

Wherever You Are, Enjoy Life! 0

Sometimes, we may feel as if we have to be at a certain point or a certain place to enjoy life. It doesn’t matter which state, city, or even neighborhood you live in, something enjoyable may be found. Some of us are so busy with focusing on the big things, we overlook the small things. Sometimes we get so caught up into what the next person is doing, that we completely forget about ourselves. Take your family to the park, eat ice cream in your backyard, prepare brunch and invite a few friends over, blow bubbles in the parking lot of a store (if anyone asks, just tell them you were testing the bubbles before you took them home to your child)! Remember, wherever you are, ENJOY LIFE! #enjoylife

I am Denise Donald, writer of this article.

Meditate and Rejuvenate

Meditate and Rejuvenate 0

Breathe in!!! 1,2,3 Breathe out 1,2,3….. Now, don’t  you feel a little more relaxed? Well, if not, there are other ways to become rejuvenated. How do you meditate? Is it with a drink, a warm blanket, do you get rejuvenated from a fruit? Or, could it be a quick workout to bring a spring to your step? Whatever your way may be, here are a few more to do if you are not already using them.

1) Prayer- The best meditation is prayer. Take time to focus on God and his goodness along with each accomplishment that he has allowed you to make happen! Talking to God can really give you strength and center you and your day because you took the time or a small minute to acknowledge Him in your time of meditation.

2)  Power nap- A power nap can be just the name it was given. When you shut down in your mind from concentrating and thinking all day, every day, give yourself some time to power down or even take a small nap that will allow your brain waves to come to an ease. Daily, a power nap is well needed due to so much that we try to handle and get done in one day. If you don’t have time for a power nap, remember,  just power down and allow yourself to reflect.

3) Peace- Park -Each- Act- Concerning- Earth outside of your mind and gain peace. When you are peaceful, you are rejuvenated, simply because no one is there to disrupt your peace that you have entered into. Peace is a calming that is hard to regain once you allow the wrong company to come into your circle. This important tool is valuable. Do not allow anything to distract that comfort that it brings to your mind, home, and life.

Take these three P’s and see how they work for you!

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.