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The Bracelet Bar

Introducing ‘The Bracelet Bar’ at PINK Leopard! 

There are more than just drinks at this bar.

Typically, when you think of the word “bar”.... you think about drinks. At The Bracelet Bar, there are more than just drinks. 

The Bracelet Bar is filled with beautiful bracelets that fit into various lifestyles. If you are new to wearing bracelets and want to just “sip and see”.... well then, welcome! If you are a veteran at wearing bracelets, then go ahead and “sip and shop”. Welcome to The Bracelet Bar and remember…. There are more than just drinks at this bar.

I already know, some of you may say “I Don’t Drink”. Remember, there are more than just drinks at this bar. “Jack & Jim” are already at The Bracelet Bar waiting for us. So…. what are you going to try at The Bracelet Bar? Will it be a “Gold Claw” or the “Teal Sunrise”? That “Twisted To The T” looks similar to the “Heart On Fire”. Or, do you prefer a “Mixed Drink”? How about a “Zebratini” or even a “Wrap Me Down”? No matter your preference, you can always have “One More Round” at The Bracelet Bar. Oh… and there’s never a last call for a bracelet haul. So shop responsibly and don’t forget ….. There are more than just drinks at this bar.

We’re open 24/7 and our address is!  


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