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We Never Get Tire(d) of Accessories!

We Never Get Tire(d) of Accessories!

Life! Well..... Life. Can. Be. Tiring. I know! There are only so many hours in a day and so much to do. Even if you follow a schedule, unexpected things do pop up! But somehow, you always conquer your day! 

Sometimes you just need a “pick me up”! Sometimes you just need to treat yourself. Sometimes you just need to tell yourself, “Good job Denise” (don’t use my name, insert your own name)!

I believe that it’s okay to take a moment and scream, cry, and yell, when life seems to get you down. Google search engine defines moment as a very brief period of time. The keyword is “brief”. So briefly take a moment, get yourself together, then get back out there and finish up living your life! 

I may get tired, but I never get tired of accessories. What I mean by this is, I lead a very active life. Yes, there are a lot of days when I’m tired, but I keep going. No matter how tired I may be, I never get tired of accessories (PINK Leopard). I never get tired of doing things for PINK Leopard, working on new projects for PINK Leopard, attending meetings regarding PINK Leopard. It’s like PINK Leopard gives me a supernatural burst of energy!

Bottom line, find something in life that gives you a supernatural burst of energy (please be sure that it is legal and not harmful to you or anyone else)! 

I may get tired, but I never get tire(d) of accessories! (You see what we did there? Tire(d), tire, tires! I know you see those tires in the pic!) Lol! 

Thank you for taking time to read this article!

Happy Holidays! #mypinkleopard #lifestyle 



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    Love it Denise…Denise let me shake the tired mode .. Get myself going with a jazz accent piece and say Set it off now accessorize with a sassy look from #mypinklropard

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