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Wish List | Want List | Impulse Buying

Wish List | Want List | Impulse Buying

I believe that amongst your goals, you should have a wish list (or some may call it a want list) of items that you desire to have. Having this list helps to prevent IMPULSE BUYING! 

For instance, let’s say you get a monetary bonus at work, AFTER PLACING A PORTION INTO SAVINGS, you want to treat yourself. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself, but if you already have a list in place, you can choose an item or two (depending on what’s on your list) and purchase that instead of heading to the internet and impulse shopping. 

I have a wish list. I choose an item off of the wish list and I focus on saving triple the amount of that particular item. I do it this way so I will be saving money while getting the item that I desire. It also helps prevent me from impulse buying. For example, there’s an item on my wish list that costs $400.00, I focus on saving $1,200.00 (or a little over because of taxes/shipping on the item). Once I save the $1,200.00, then I purchase the $400.00 item and leave the remaining $800.00 in my savings account. So basically I am able to purchase the item THREE TIMES, but I only purchase it ONCE and save the rest. If an item on my wish list is $2,000.00, then I save $6,000.00. I purchase the $2,000.000 item and leave the remaining $4,000.00 in savings. 

Doing things that way prevents me from impulse buying. Also, when that BONUS at work comes around, I just place that into my savings! This entire tactic does take some practice and discipline, but if you are not already doing it, you should try it! It makes it easier to do this if you already have good saving habits and already have emergency funds. 

Remember this: your style is your life, so create a lifestyle that you enjoy! 

So tell me, do you have a wish list, or want list, or are you an impulse buyer? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below! #mypinkleopard

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