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How To Handle Stress

Do you ever get so stressed until your nerves are jumping and your body is tense??? Well, the next time you get that way, back away from your daily activities for a small moment and BREATHE…..

Why breathe??? Well, everything beings to regulate in your body again and your brain isn’t so cluttered just from that little breath.  What causes stress? People, Jobs, Money, or simply things are just not going how you want them to. We place stress on ourselves when we want things to go well or when we have a personal being/perfect image that we want to keep up with.

Let’s handle it!!


People or The Crowd

  •   1) Let people go when they are stressing you and be honest about how you feel. I know what you’re saying (How will this person or people take it when I say this) we all struggle with this one because no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings or bring them down in any way. But be honest and let them go or the situation go if it is too overwhelming. This doesn’t mean to stop talking or hanging out with that person or with people, but if they are the ones that bring stress, then bye??!!! Let It Go!  

  •         Jobs

        2) Jobs can really bring the most heightened level of stress due to the fact of how the world is moving forward in this season. Jobs have long hours, long nights, and long days. It is so long before having a vacation and even a lunch break!!!  Wow! This is where you begin to hold to God and pray that things will get better with supervisors and shift leaders that won’t speak up or do which protocol is required. You hope that lazy bosses will have integrity and stop showing favoritism towards lazy workers. Also, another way to handle this stress is to talk with your boss, try to give a few pointers in your meetings to see if change will and can happen within your workforce. The main thing, honestly for this stress, is to pray without ceasing. Be that bright light that shines the negativity away! This can be done!!!


    3) M O N E Y is the all time stress killer. Daily I watch people chase money, worry about money, and steal money. Money causes so many great things and sooo many bad things. But we are choosing to use them for the good things. How do I use it as a good thing? Give to others that are in need but have an eye of who to bless with it. Of course we calculate to the tee how we are going to spend for the week or even the year, but pray to God on how your money will grow. Ask for direction with your spending and also ask to be a person with spending discipline. Sometimes we buy things we just don’t need, especially if it is “bills” time.  Guess what… you stress because you use your money at the wrong time. Everyone is guilty of this. Ask God to help you be a better spender so that money doesn’t stress you! I know that it is easier said than done, but it can be done!

    I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.

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