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POP of Color!!!

It’s Summer!!! That means break out the five S’s: Sandals, Sun Hats, Sundresses, Shorts, and Sunglasses. But, while you’re doing that thing….???? You know, putting winter clothes up and bringing summer clothes out. Add a pop of color!!!

  1. Lipstick- Add a bold lipstick to your outfit! Remember that your pieces can be on point, but a red lip will surely make it pop! And, if you’re not a fan of a red lip, then find a lip color that speaks to you and make your outfit be a bold statement!

      2.  Belts- Let's brighten and livin our outfits up with a yellow or grass green belt. Why yellow and grass green? Well, those are your spring colors transitioning into the summer colors! So, go ahead and do a golden yellow and a lime or grass green belt to shake up those summer fits that were already in your closet!!!

      3.  Bracelets- Bangles and Woody bracelets of color are simple but will bring much attention. Say you’re wearing something you already have, but it is a little detail that they didn't pay attention to. Bright orange, vibrant blues, blinding yellows and a catchy red will always give the outfit a lift.

               So, don’t always buy something new, just add a pop of color to you!

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.

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