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Color Wheel | How To Wear Different Colors

Color Wheel | How To Wear Different Colors 2

Color Wheel

Color Wheel 5658

Color Wheel! This is always good to have!

You want to make your outfit pop? Go opposite of the color you choose.

For instance, if your outfit is red, and you want your outfit to “pop” then go directly opposite of the red (which is the turquoise). Your dress can be red and your accessories can be turquoise (for that popping effect)! Save this #colorwheel in your phone! Mark it as a favorite so that you can find it easier in your thousands of pics! #mypinkleopard 

Make It POP With A Scarf!

Make It POP With A Scarf! 5

It’s winter! You can still make your outfit “pop”! 

A scarf is one of the many perfect accessories to wear to stay warm and fashionable! 

There are so many different colors, prints, and styles of scarves. Find one that accessorizes your style! 

Have fun and stay warm! 

#mypinkleopard #popofcolor 

POP of Color!!!

POP of Color!!! 0

It’s Summer!!! That means break out the five S’s: Sandals, Sun Hats, Sundresses, Shorts, and Sunglasses. But, while you’re doing that thing….???? You know, putting winter clothes up and bringing summer clothes out. Add a pop of color!!!

  1. Lipstick- Add a bold lipstick to your outfit! Remember that your pieces can be on point, but a red lip will surely make it pop! And, if you’re not a fan of a red lip, then find a lip color that speaks to you and make your outfit be a bold statement!

      2.  Belts- Let's brighten and livin our outfits up with a yellow or grass green belt. Why yellow and grass green? Well, those are your spring colors transitioning into the summer colors! So, go ahead and do a golden yellow and a lime or grass green belt to shake up those summer fits that were already in your closet!!!

      3.  Bracelets- Bangles and Woody bracelets of color are simple but will bring much attention. Say you’re wearing something you already have, but it is a little detail that they didn't pay attention to. Bright orange, vibrant blues, blinding yellows and a catchy red will always give the outfit a lift.

               So, don’t always buy something new, just add a pop of color to you!

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.