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Mellowed Out

Mellowed Out

Relax Using Essential Oils…

How do you relax? Is it music? Could it be working out or even a nap? Well, whatever it may be, try an essential oil with it! Essential oils have great smells and even can bring life to your skin and your mind. Everyone is not hip to them, but they work wonderfully. Here is one!

Clary Sage- clary sage can be a body relaxer, home cleaner, and even help you refocus and center yourself. This essential oil will help with sleepless nights. Trust me, I have tried it and it works! This little magic can be found at your local Walmart and Whole Foods. This oil can be pricey, but may be found for about $10.00 at your local Walmart.

How to use it- some essential oils are found in a droplet bottle with the droplet nozzle and others are found like a droplets bottle itself, those are the less messy ones unless you prefer the bottle with the droplet nozzle! Find bottles from your local dollar store such as Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree. Then, purchase a $0.99 clear or colored spray bottle (color for a pop of color in any room of your house). Place a few drops (10 or less) it depends on how relaxed or focused you want to be, with your $0.99 spray bottle; spray your room or favorite sitting spot, pillow, or your entire bed and begin to relax…… Now the most popular thing that's out there are the vaporizers that some use for their essential oils or even the potpourri pots that fumigate your homes to relax. Whether it’s a potpourri pot, vaporizer, or the spray bottle, don’t use too much!!! Really use it for those “SUPER Stressed” days or when your thoughts are everywhere.

Give it a try! Clary Sage is one that works and can be found again at your local Walmart and Whole Foods. Also, it smells great and relaxes you! P.S.....This can be a romantic oil for a candle lit dinner for your true love.

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.







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