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Being “Simple” Isn’t A Bad Thing

Being “Simple” Isn’t A Bad Thing

We live in a world full of “Instagram Baddies” and “Facebook Hotties”. But what about those of us who are referred to as “simple”? Some say we are simple because we choose to “cover up” our body parts. Others call us simple because we aren’t “drooled over” on a daily basis. Then some say we’re simple because we work extremely hard for everything we have and no one is “paying our bills” for us.

Being labeled as “simple” isn’t a bad thing. You can turn into an “Instagram Baddie” on tomorrow and a “Facebook Hottie” the next day. Don’t allow ANYONE to make you feel as if you are less beautiful or less attractive because they seem to think you are “simple”.

Seriously, don’t consume your thoughts with what people think of you. The most important question is, what do you think of yourself?

I am Denise Donald, writer of this article.

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