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Don’t Crumble Under Pressure

Don’t Crumble Under Pressure

This is something we all struggle with. Take a look at this picture, it’s cookies stacked on top of each other. But, if we take a closer look at this picture and put yourself as the cookie, then you would look at it differently. Most people feel like the cookie at the bottom, the one who carries all the load and everyone’s problems.

How does pressure strengthen you?

     1. Pressure builds character.

     2. Smile through the pressure-  although this one can be hard, keep smiling while under pressure! Smiling keeps you in control of handling stress. Smiling also keeps the person or people and issues from controlling you.

     3. Why is it needed? Pressure is needed to keep you focused and caring about yourself and worth.

Remember the picture of the cookies and the last one at the bottom? Well, let me share something, it’s the best tasting and most desired. This is you and people saw the process and value of your character while under pressure. SO DON’T CRUMBLE UNDER PRESSURE!!!

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.

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