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Don’t Abandon Me

Have you ever felt abandoned? Did a significant other, a family member, or even a friend leave you without any explanation? Did you show up at work one day and your “work clique” didn’t invite you to lunch?

Do you ever feel as if no one ever pays any attention to you? Especially when you have a vision or an idea that you knew would skyrocket to the top! How did you feel? Did you feel abandoned?

Well, have you ever felt as if you have abandoned someone? Seriously, think about it. You may have abandoned your job (no call, no show, no two weeks notice), your friends (ignore their texts and avoid them on social media), or even family (don’t attend the family picnic or Sunday dinner). We can sometimes get so caught up in ourselves that we abandon people, especially those that have helped us along the way. Being too caught up in your feelings and not being sensitive towards another person’s feelings can cause abandonment.

So many people are really feeling abandoned from family leaving them, “so called” friends not hanging out with them, jobs closing on the spot or even firing on the spot. Abandonment is real and comes in many different forms.

The next time you feel abandoned, think about the people you left hanging out in the cold. Before you say “no one cares about me and my problems”, remember that you reap what you sow. Let’s sow good seeds and always be a helping hand towards those that are good hearted, loving, kind, and have a beautiful spirit. Now truth be told, some situations need to be abandoned (especially those unhealthy relationships), but that’s another topic for another day.

Don’t abandon me” isn’t a statement that we normally say to a family member, our new “boo”, or a new acquaintance. The question we should be asking ourselves and stating to a family member, our new “boo” or a new acquaintance is “Have you ever abandoned someone?

This article was written by Lakeisha Henson and Denise Donald.

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