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Miss Independent and Mr. Dependent: “Damsel in Distress”

Miss Independent and Mr. Dependent: “Damsel in Distress”

Miss Independent and Mr. Dependent: “Damsel in Distress” 

Miss Independent and Mr. Dependent is a series of blog posts about what men and women think about dating, relationships, and real life situations! We will be taking a topic and asking men and women questions. We’re doing this anonymously because we want their open and honest opinion. 

This particular blog post is about a woman who has been married before (she’s over the age of 35). She’s not in a relationship, but she does “date” and it is made known to the men she dates that both parties are allowed to see other people until they decide to take the situation to another level. 

With that being said, I found the story that she shared to be very intriguing. Sometimes it may seem as if we live in a world of takers, but there are some genuine givers in this world! 

Here’s what she shared: 

“It’s amazing, my electric fireplace had a shortage. I texted “my friend guy”  and asked him if he could check on it for me. I didn’t get a response back from him. A little while later, I hear a knock at my door, it was him. He had bought one, it wasn’t an exact fit, but he will return it in exchange for one that will fit. He said to me that he and I may not speak daily, but he’s always willing to help others. He also said that he doesn’t mind looking out for me when he can. He also told me that he loves the fact that I don’t chase him, text him every second, or call him all of the time. He said that when we talk or text, he enjoys it and it’s refreshing to know that I know what I want and won’t settle for less. He said that makes him have to rethink about the things that he does. I told him to do him and he will know when it’s time to settle. I knew he had been working today, but I never thought he would do this.” 

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