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Women Support Women

Women Support Women

Hold UP. Wait a minute. Give me time to put my TWO cents in it. Women also support men! THIS article is about women supporting women! Now……. may we continue? Thank you! ☺️

In actuality, women try to support everyone. Well…. at least some women try to support everyone (and that’s where a problem may arise). Women, it’s not possible for you to be everywhere and fully support everyone. 

Here are three tips to help women effectively support other women: 

  1. Choose to support women who align with causes you believe in. This makes it sooooooo much easier. If someone already has a cause or business that you believe in, then you don’t feel “FORCED” to support them. Support then comes natural. Take me for instance, I sell ladies’ accessories ( The type of accessories that I sell are not for everyone (every lady doesn’t  wear accessories or the type that I sell). I’m not offended at all if someone I know doesn’t support me. I know my target market and that’s what I focus on. It’s okay that I’m not supported by every woman! (WOMEN…. GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT WHO ISN’T SUPPORTING YOU)! Yep, I said it…. I meant it…. and I’m here to represent it! (Is it obvious that I was a cheerleader back in the day? Wayyyyyyy back in the day!!!!
  2. Supporting another women doesn’t always have to be monetary. If you know an easier way another woman can effectively run her business or her organization, then share those tips. 
  3. Last, but not least…… don’t negatively discuss another woman behind her back. Trust me…. she will EVENTUALLY find out! Yes, that’s a form of support. Even if you don’t agree with everything that she does, find the good in her. You don’t have to be her friend, you don’t have to hang out with her, and you dang shole don’t have to negatively discuss her with your friends! 

Women Support Women, YES WE DO! Women Support Women, how about you? Do you support other women? Feel free to leave me a comment to let me know how you support other women! 

Items in pic: Wooden flower necklace is from “Women Support Women” t-shirt is from one of my random shopping finds. 



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  • Sylvia

    I make an effort to support women in business, attending conferences and fun activities. If I notice something about another woman I usually pray instead of discussing because her it could be me I am seeing and I fully understand that God is the ultimate healer not Sylvia.

  • Tramarea Adams

    I try to support as often as I can!!!

  • Tramarea Adams

    This is AWESOME!!!

  • Valeria

    This is amazing collaboration that shows how you lead by example. I try my best support different vendors if by attending an event, sharing a post, sendong encouraging words or just keeping it 100

  • GIGI GAtes

    I like this movement and yes I do support other women.

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