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Used & Abused

Used & Abused

Sometimes we think we’re doing the right thing by being friendly to someone or helping someone out. We think that we are being nice. As it turns out, sometimes we are actually being used (I said sometimes). 

Sometimes we know that a person is using us for their own selfish gain. Some of us are so nice that we allow that to happen and we know that it is happening. The problem comes in when it is repeatedly done over and over again (that becomes abuse). People will start emotionally abusing us and we don’t even know it’s happening. It’s a sad situation, but it happens. It happens a lot. 

Here are three ways we can evaluate if we are letting people use and emotionally abuse us:

  1. Is this person a friend of yours? Do they only contact you when they want something from you or want you to do something for them? 

  2. Do they ever check on you? I’m not talking about sending you a text talking about “I’m just thinking about you and I hope to see you soon.” That’s actually using you because in the next few days or weeks they will be sending you a text requesting you to do something for them. If they aren’t trying to use or abuse you, they usually send a text stating the following: “Hi! Let me know when you’re available for lunch or a night out. I want to SEE how you are doing.” 

  3. Do you only hear from them when “they” have a problem? If they only text to tell you how bad their day was or who they are interested in dating or who doesn’t like them or does like them, and they NEVER ask about your life situations, then they are using and emotionally abusing you.

Feel free to leave comments on how we can avoid being used and emotionally abused by people. 


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  • Valeria

    Amazing yet on point Denise thank you for the reminder. I find joy suppottimg others try encourage others yet seems time i funk i dont have boost but God always send some like you fet me going. Refuel reboot..

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