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The Silence of a Woman

The Silence of a Woman

It’s not easy being a woman. Heck, it’s not easy being a human. We live in a society where if a woman voices her opinion, then some people see her as “outspoken”, “loud”, or “overbearing”. On the other hand, if a woman is silent and handles things in a different manner, then some view her as weak. 

Sometimes a woman is silent because she knows every action doesn’t require a reaction. She’s NOT WEAK, she’s just looking out for everyone that is involved in the situation. 

I can’t change everyone’s mindset, but I can enlighten society on the fact that some women choose silence in certain situations. (I’m not talking about abusive situations. Matters related to abuse should never be kept silent. If you or someone you know is being abused and you don’t feel comfortable contacting your local authorities, PLEASE contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 or 

Seriously, it doesn’t mean that a woman is weak because she is not yelling at the top of her lungs at you, or arguing with you. It also doesn’t mean that a woman is overbearing because she doesn’t remain silent regarding certain situations and she speaks her mind. 

Society is known for placing labels on women. Women have come a long way in society, but at the same time, women still have a long way to go. If a woman speaks her mind or if she stays silent, someone will always have an opinion about what type of woman she is. 

Then there are those situations where a woman has a history of being silent, but she may start to feel as if she is being provoked in a certain situation and then she speaks her mind. During times like these, women who remain silent and then speak their mind are viewed a certain way also! 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, we should all THINK BEFORE WE SPEAK! 

Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic (there is no right or wrong answer)! 

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  • Tamarah

    Great blog! So true people are going to state their opinion regardless. I enjoy staying silent on certain things because as you mentioned certain actions don’t need a reaction. Some things I don’t speak on because some people feel they are always right so there is no way your point will get across so I don’t waste my time. In the past, I used to react and react. But, I have learned that sometimes you can just sit back silent and not react and act unbothered, usually the person gets the drift. Thank you for sharing!

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