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Natalie Waterman is “Painting For A Cause”

Natalie Waterman is “Painting For A Cause”

The following information was obtained verbatim from Natalie Waterman's Facebook post that was posted on March 31, 2019. 

"You were given life to give life; whether it's an encouraging word, a kind deed, or a donation of organs, bone marrow, and/or blood. Life matters and becoming an organ donor, bone marrow donor, and/or blood donor can save lives and give someone else another chance at life. My new passion--organ donation. Please sign up to become a registered organ donor at I have been registered as an organ donor, bone marrow donor, and blood donor for 10+ years, so please join me in giving life. GIVE LIFE TO LIVE AGAIN!! (👈Now that'll preach!! Lol) Painting For A Cause!! (This is how the original post was supposed to look! Lol) Please don't forget to register at"

End of Natalie Waterman's Facebook Post.

#donatelife #organdonor

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