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Shop The City #6 (Holiday Edition)

Shop The City #6 (Holiday Edition)

Sunday, December 9, 2018, 4pm-7pm

Shop The City #6 (Holiday Edition) presented by BigPrettyPictures and PINK Leopard

Location: 201Capitol, 201 W. Capitol Street, Jackson, MS

This holiday season, why go from shop to shop, when you can come to one place and go from spot to spot! Come and shop with some amazing vendors! 

General Admission (FREE)

VIP Admission ($10 Includes our VIP Lounge with a Taco Bar and Mistletoe Mimosas, SWAG Bag and Easy To Win Prizes)! Only 25 VIP Tickets Available! 

Grab Your Ticket at

Go ahead and Grab Your General Admission or VIP Admission Ticket For A Chance To Win A Radio Flyer Wagon! With a General Admission Ticket, your name will be entered into the drawing twice. With a VIP Ticket, your name will be entered into the drawing FOUR times! Special thanks to our donors for the wagon and wonderful gifts that will be inside! 

Gifts inside the wagon: A very special thank you to Tamarah Mack (Keepsake Poetry and Collectibles, for a “Faith Can Move Mountains” Cup. A very special thank you to Tameka Garrett (Stilettos on the Pavement) for a ticket to the next Stilettos on the Pavement’s Experience in February (2019) and a 30 minute one on one business conversation! 

Upon arrival to the event, after verification of your ticket, you will write your name on a card and place it inside the box (this will be your confirmation that your name was placed in the box the correct number of times)! After you drop your name in the box, you don’t have to be present to win, but you do have to come and pick up your prize! We will see you on Sunday, December 9, 2018! #shopthecityjackson

Grab Your Ticket at

FREE Sessions: 

4:30-5pm - “Natural Hair Tips and Holiday Hair Pinups” by Joselynn Young (Cosmetologist) at North End Salon (3340 Forest Ave Ext, Jackson, MS)

5pm-5:30pm “Holiday Makeup and Skin Care Tips” by Tara Wheatley (Mary Kay - Independent Beauty Consultant)

5:30pm-6pm “How To Wear Your Sequins This Holiday Season” by Denise Donald - PINK Leopard 

Grab your ticket now and come shop with some amazing vendors! For more info, email

Grab Your Ticket at

Are you interested in being a vendor? Email for more info! 

Let‘s Shop The City! #shopthecityjackson

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