Stranded, But Safe

Stranded, But Safe

Have you ever been stranded? I’m not talking about abandoned, I’m talking about stranded. Google dictionary defines stranded as (adjective) left without the means to move from somewhere. Maybe you had a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and at the time, you didn’t have a cell phone. Or maybe you have been stranded in life.

How could one possibly be stranded in life? Well, let’s discuss it. Maybe you have been there for everyone else. Your friends call and ask to borrow money, you “loan” them the money, but when you need the money back, it’s not returned. So you are then left in a “stranded” situation.

You can be stranded, but safe. Let’s talk about that flat tire (pre cell phone days). You were out in the middle of nowhere, you had a flat tire, but you walked to a nearby house. The owner of the home allowed you to use their rotary or push button phone (or some may relate to the term “land line” phone)! The owner of the home either assisted you or allowed you to wait at their home until your help arrived. You were in a stranded situation, but, you were safe. (Side note: Please use discernment before going to someone’s home if you are in a stranded situation.)

What about that friend you “loaned” money to. How are you stranded, but safe? Because in that situation, you will safely use discernment before letting them borrow money again!

I am Denise Donald, writer of this article.

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