Life and Loopholes

Life and Loopholes

Life~ it can either be hard to deal with or easy to deal with. We always hear ‘it’s what you make of it’. But when a loophole has been thrown or given by a situation what do you make of it? What is a loophole? A loophole can be a bad thing or a good thing, it can even bring about some good roads or bad roads due to what loophole you enter into. In life, we always want to escape the long process and take a loophole from life lessons and end up hurt, manipulated, confused, or even feel cheated out of something. Did you think about the loophole you took?

Every shortcut isn’t always the best idea; let’s take the long process at times because you will appreciate it more and can even miss those “I Told You So’s” that can really be irritating from someone you didn't want to hear it from. Life brings about loopholes that probably wasn’t in your plans, but happens as the journey goes on and growth takes place in your life. Bad deals can be a loophole, friends can guide wrong and there you are….. in a loophole, and confused as to how you got there.

Just like the story “The Tortoise and the Hare”, slow and steady wins the race! Although you want to have some speed! But when the Hare took a shortcut and loopholes during the race to success, the tortoise was crossing the finish line because of the mindset and consistency that was acted upon the entire time.

Another thing about loopholes can be when you’re just plain L-A-Z-Y and refuse to work hard and continue to gain knowledge while perfecting the craft you already have inside of you! I’m not here to judge, but many of us are all guilty of wanting everything handed to us and make a shortcut that only leads to a horrible loophole. Take the long walk and not the loophole! And if life lessons give a loophole, then you learn from it and understand that you no longer want to go that way.

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article. 

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