Thank You! #LetsGrowandGlow

Thank You! #LetsGrowandGlow

💕July 20, 2019 was amazing! Thank you to all of our attendees to Growing and Glowing Together: “Conversation and Demonstration”. You all made it amazing! The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC (Tamarah Mack, Owner) and PINK Leopard appreciate all of you more than you will ever know! Many, many blessings and continued success to all of you! #ThankYou

“Conversation and Demonstration”

The Convo: "Picking Up The Broken Pieces To Piece Together My Purpose” by Tamarah Mack.

The Demo: “Turning the Broken and Puzzling Pieces of Life Into A Purpose Filled Life” by Tamarah Mack.  

#GrowingandGlowingTogether #LetsGrowandGlow

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