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Bridging The Gaps In Life

Bridging The Gaps In Life

Bridges were created for obvious reasons. Bridges are also needed in life. Sometimes we exit one area of our life and crossover a bridge into new territory. Sometimes we have to leave certain things and or people on the other side until the time is appropriate for us to bridge those things together. Some things are never meant to be brought from one area of our life into the next. And some things are...

Sometimes we leave certain areas and move on with life, crossing several bridges without ever looking back. 

Sometimes some of those things we left and bridges we crossed (but didn’t burn), we have to bridge those gaps because certain lessons or certain people from our past are needed in our present. Let’s be clear, I said certain people (not everyone!!!)!!!!! 

Prayer and meditation is key to properly bridging those gaps. Always take a moment out of your day to pray and/or meditate. Sometimes we don’t realize that our thinking can be cloudy and may cause us to make irrational decisions. Always make time for yourself. Always take care of yourself. Let’s properly bridge the gaps in life! 

Photo was taken at Seaport District NYC (Rooftop of Pier 17) in New York on July 28, 2019. #Seaport #Pier17 #BrooklynBridge 

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