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Bridging The Gaps In Life

Bridging The Gaps In Life 0

Bridges were created for obvious reasons. Bridges are also needed in life. Sometimes we exit one area of our life and crossover a bridge into new territory. Sometimes we have to leave certain things and or people on the other side until the time is appropriate for us to bridge those things together. Some things are never meant to be brought from one area of our life into the next. And some things are...

Sometimes we leave certain areas and move on with life, crossing several bridges without ever looking back. 

Sometimes some of those things we left and bridges we crossed (but didn’t burn), we have to bridge those gaps because certain lessons or certain people from our past are needed in our present. Let’s be clear, I said certain people (not everyone!!!)!!!!! 

Prayer and meditation is key to properly bridging those gaps. Always take a moment out of your day to pray and/or meditate. Sometimes we don’t realize that our thinking can be cloudy and may cause us to make irrational decisions. Always make time for yourself. Always take care of yourself. Let’s properly bridge the gaps in life! 

Photo was taken at Seaport District NYC (Rooftop of Pier 17) in New York on July 28, 2019. #Seaport #Pier17 #BrooklynBridge 

Lots of Class and Words with Sass!

Lots of Class and Words with Sass! 4

Do you know of someone who is classy and always pushes you to be the very best version of yourself? That person continually encourages you. Not pumps your head up, but genuinely encourages you. The words may “sting” a little bit, but it’s true words that will only push you to be greater!  

Valeria J. Cotten of Madison, Mississippi is one of those people! Val knows exactly what to say and when to say it. She comes straight from the heart with her words of encouragement. Val is a very sophisticated diva. She’s a classy socialite. 

Val is always placing others before herself. She is always supporting and encouraging others. Val does things for people and never expects or asks for anything in return. 

Val has a lot of class and encouraging words with sass! 

This photo is one of Valeria J. Cotten’s personal photos. The photo was taken in Gulfport, Mississippi on January 12, 2019. 

#mypinkleopard #travel 

Your Smile Is A Statement Piece

Your Smile Is A Statement Piece 2

Smile Beautiful! Smile Beautiful! Live your best life with your smile!

Seriously though, your smile is a statement piece! Your face is one of the first things that people notice (I said ONE OF THE)! So put a smile on your face. 

Yes, I love statement pieces (if you need some, you’re already at! But your smile is a statement piece that you can wear everyday. Your smile goes with every outfit, and it’s FREE

Sylvia Thomas of Jackson, Mississippi is the woman with the beautiful smile in the photo (her statement necklace is from #mypinkleopard). Sylvia always has a beautiful smile on her face. Even if her day isn’t going the way she desires, I wouldn’t know unless she told me because the first thing I always notice about her is her beautiful smile and caring nature. 

Try using a smile as your statement piece and let me know how it turns out for you! 

This photo was taken in Gulfport, Mississippi on January 12, 2019. 

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Angels and Light

Angels and Light 2

Obviously the pic is reflecting light. Even though I’m well aware of what can be seen in the pic, I still view the pic differently. 

To me, those multiple light reflections are angels. Even when I’m physically at home by myself or in my car by myself, I always feel as if there is a warm and positive energy surrounding me. 

We must be careful of the energy that surrounds us.

Over the past year, I’ve learned and have been forced to be more mindful of the type of energy that I’m surrounded by. It’s amazing as to how something that is so minor, makes such a major impact. 

I hear people say and even post on social media “protect your peace.” I’ve learned that you really do have to protect your peace

Some may see angels in the pic and others may just see light. However you view the pic, it’s REAL either way. 

Pic was taken with an iPhone by Valeria Cotten in Gulfport, Mississippi. 

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