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Bee All That You Can Bee #Red

Bee All That You Can Bee #Red 80

Classy and timeless brooch! Rhinestone colors: red crystal rhinestones.

1.75 inches long.

Brooches are timeless and elegant! Pin it on your denim jacket, or on your blazer. Pin it on your scarf. The options are limitless! This also makes a good gift to give to your friend this weekend over brunch!🥂

Brooches are great for birthday gifts, just because gifts, and especially “thank you” gifts! Get brooched up! 


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Color as shown. 

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She believed she could, so she did.

She believed she could, so she did. 2

This beautiful t-shirt is from Southern Goddess Boutique, LLC (an online accessories experience)! 👑 Visit their website at

(Brooches pinned on the t-shirt are from PINK Leopard!) 

Keep believing in yourself. If you never have believed in yourself, well today is a great day to start. Take time out for yourself. Do things for yourself. Now is the time to make your life better. Think about the things you want to accomplish in life and then do it! 

Keep believing! Keep staying safe! Keep washing your hands! Keep practicing social distancing! 

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💕”Growing and Glowing Together” is our social purpose. “Growing and Glowing Together” is an extension of PINK Leopard that was established to guide women (through seminars, community service, and other events) in developing, growing or maintaining their self confidence by showing them how to grow and glow in areas of their life that are sometimes neglected.

We’re excited that our partner is The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC!

A portion of the sales from our brooch collection goes to “Growing and Glowing Together”.