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“The O.G. Bee” Brooch

“The O.G. Bee” Brooch

🐝The name says it all! This bee is an “original girly” bee. Lol, you thought O.G. stood for something else? Pair it with a crisp white shirt and denim shorts.

Pin it on your fedora for a totally different look! 

🌞Brighten someone’s day and give as a gift to a coworker or your neighbor! 

This also makes a good gift to give to your friend this weekend over brunch!🥂

This brooch wants to 🦋flutter into your cart!🛒

Color as shown. 

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“Growing and Glowing Together” is our social purpose. A portion of the sales from our brooch collection goes to “Growing and Glowing Together”. 

PINK Leopard is a lifestyle. We believe women should be confident in who they are. We believe confidence begins on the inside and radiates outward. We believe that meditation, positive thinking, self esteem, goals, and performing good deeds all play a major role in developing, growing or maintaining self confidence. “Growing and Glowing Together” is an extension of PINK Leopard that was established (May 2019) to guide women (through seminars, community service, and other events) in developing, growing or maintaining their self confidence by showing them how to grow and glow in areas of their life that are sometimes neglected.


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