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The Smallest Act Can Make The Biggest Impact

The Smallest Act Can Make The Biggest Impact

Hold your head up, smile, be kind, encourage someone, and inspire someone. Those seem like small acts, but, they can make the biggest impact on someone’s life. 

Everyone doesn’t want to be smiled at or encouraged. That’s okay. We have to remember to respect people’s space. 

Sometimes we get so offended if someone doesn’t accept our kindness (or what we think is being kind). That’s okay also, all you can do is offer (but if they repeatedly refuse, leave them alone, you’re starting to probably agitate them). You never know what someone is going through, dealing with, or has dealt with. 

Let’s stop taking things so personal. You’re taking something that’s small and allowing it to impact your life in a big way. 

I’m sure a single mom would love your kindness (offer to babysit her children so she can take a walk in the park). 

I’m sure your elderly neighbor would love your company to just sit and chat for a little while. 

I’m sure your family would love your prayers. 

I’m sure your floor would love to be swept, mopped, or vacuumed. (Lol, I see you read the entire article!

Seriously though, the smallest act can make the biggest impact. 


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