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Be Someone’s Superhero

Be Someone’s Superhero

Everyone needs help at some point in their life. Some of us think that we have nothing to offer. There’s actually a lot you can offer! You can actually be someone’s superhero!

If you know you are good at making people laugh, well, when that friend calls and tells you about their “awful day”, change the conversation up and make them laugh. You see, you are being their superhero by not allowing them to sink into a negative state of mind.

If you know you are good at baking, bake a friend some banana nut bread, wrap it up, place it in a gift bag and add a container of orange juice (you may even want to add a bottle of champagne for mimosas)! Gift it to your friend on a Friday so they may enjoy it over the weekend. How is that being their superhero? You don’t know what they faced over the past week. That nice gift may have possibly given them a reason to not “go into hiding” over the weekend.

Think about what it is you are good at. Share that goodness. You never know who it is you are SAVING

I am Denise Donald, writer of this article.

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  • Sylvia Thomas

    Thank you for the article and you are so right about being there for each other. This truly embodies who you are

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