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Soaking All Good Things In

Soaking All Good Things In

After a long week or just a long day, you want to do one thing…..SOAK! I am a person that loves the tub filled with warm, but almost, hot water. Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution (Relax & Relief with Eucalyptus & Spearmint) can be a very relaxing soak for those tired days. While soaking and relaxing, use that moment to think about the accomplishments that you’ve worked so hard for and the obstacles that were in your way for your next goal that you’re trying to reach. Take the time and soak in how well you strategized and structured your plans, and with faith, put them to action! Don't soak in negativity because it can only dry you out and make you stale and ashy during the rest of the journey to success.

Just like this bath soak from Dr. Teal’s, that leaves you fresh and replenished, so will the accomplishments you’ve made! Let me not forget to mention that you can find this great scent at your local Walmart, Target, and for those low budget moments, Family Dollar. This soak brings such a relaxation that is unexplainable!

Give it twenty minutes to dissolve in your hot to warm water. Let the magic of the salt do its thing. While you are running your water and putting in that scoop of salt, be the flavor for somebody else’s sauce by telling them to soak in positivity and good vibes. Remember, soak all good things in, because it only brings life and great memories for the “low” days.

Soaking in all good accomplishments can be just as jumper cables that “brings the spark” of only better and newer ideas! So, let’s soak all goods things in, because complaining can make you bitter.

Grab your candles and your favorite bath salt and let’s soak…

I am Lakeisha Henson, writer of this article.

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