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What Can I Get From You?

What Can I Get From You?

Have you ever come across someone in life who only stays in your “good graces”, so that they can get something from you? 

I’m writing about this topic because someone was telling me that this happens to her a lot. She says that some of the people in her life are only around so they can get what they need from her. I told her that I think it’s a good thing that some people find her to be resourceful. She said it’s not necessarily resources they are looking for but the fact that they are “too lazy” to do certain things for themselves, so they come to her. 

She says that she doesn’t mind helping people, but often times she gives them the resources or tells them certain things to make their life better and they choose not to do it. They would rather for her to do things for them or they only pop in and say hi to make it easier for them to ask for something in the future when they need it. 

I told her that I’m no expert, but I’ll get the thoughts of others and see what they think about the situation. 

Feel free to leave your thoughts (these are your thoughts, there is no right or wrong answer)! 


I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. #mypinkleopard 

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  • Katrina

    Don’t be mad that people come for what you freely give away. We all have gifts and talents to help others; the thing is to give in the right places to the right people. One thing I say to my clients, friends, and freebies is that “the best way to show me that you appreciate my advice, time, and resources is to apply them to your life.” There is a difference between giving fish and teaching one to fish. Be Positively Better

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