30 Off! Happy Holidays!

30 Off! Happy Holidays! 0

Happy Holidays! Stay safe this holiday season. Oh, and use code “30OFF” for 30% off your entire purchase.
30% Off! Happy Holidays!

30% Off! Happy Holidays! 0

Happy Holidays! Stay safe this holiday season. Oh, and use code “30OFF” for 30% off your entire purchase.
“The Divas of Cottenhill” Launch

“The Divas of Cottenhill” Launch 11

Saturday, November 7, 2020 10am-2pm


725 Cottenhill Street

Madison, MS 39110

“The Divas of Cottenhill” Debut 

Mary Kay Launch

Senior consultant: 

Valeria Cotten Winder 


Team Members: 

Tamarah Mack


Denise Donald 



Meet, Greet, & Let’s Eat! 


“How The Roots of Positivity Leads You To Your Goals and Dreams”

by Valeria Cotten Winder


Convo & Demo: 

“The Roots of Positivity” 

(Canvas Painting & Ways to Express Yourself)

by Tamarah Mack


Closing so we can Go, Grow, and Glow! 

Free to attend! 

During the event, visit our “Beauty Bar” for cosmetic and skincare samples! Experience a Satin Hands and Satin Lips demo! Grab samples of the Hydrogel Eye Patches from our mini beauty fridge! 

First 10 guests to REGISTER via Eventbrite will receive the Mint Bliss Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs with socks included!  (Must be present the day of the event to claim your prize.) 

The first five VIRTUAL guests to register will receive a single lipstick case (compliments of PINK Leopard - The lipstick case will be mailed to you. 

Virtual guests will be able to view the event virtually via Facebook Live on our event page. 

There will be lots of prizes and lots of chances for you to win a prize. Prizes are from Valerie Cotten Winder (Senior Independent Beauty Consultant,, Keepsake Poetry & Collectibles (, and PINK Leopard ( 


Call or text Valeria at 769-226-9988!

Hand sanitizer stations will be provided by The Heavenly Touch Professional Services, LLC ( Masks will be provided by PINK Leopard ( 

During the Convo/Demo, guests will have the opportunity to paint the image that is on the flyer (“The Roots of Positivity”)! 

This is an event that you want to EXPERIENCE! 

Wear The Red Lipstick! 14

💄 Wear the red lipstick! Have you ever even tried wearing red lipstick? Or are you focused on someone telling you that you should not even try wearing red lipstick? Try it! Just try it! Know for yourself if it’s right for you. Need a sample of a red lipstick to try? If so, email me at!

My red lipstick: Red Stiletto (color), Gel Semi-Matte.

#LIVENOW. #mymklife

LIVE NOW. empowers, encourages, and reminds you to LIVE your best life NOW.

Music: Night out Musician: LiQWYD
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